Richard Aupetit
IT, technical manager and development in the CORILAUR Agency

IT specialist and electronics engineer, it is a discreet but merciless element... He is everywhere !

Essential on the management of the park computer hardware, he is also imperative in the quality of the processing of the image and sound.

His advice on the choice the best material and software tools allows us to offer you the best quality of professional images.

Icing on the cake : he is also for shots there.

 Alain Mignot
Director and Project manager, creator of the CORILAUR Agency

Creative of the team CORILAUR.... He thinks only of making beautiful images ! For more than 20 years he realizes story-boards of television series of cartoons, worked in 2D / 3D computer graphics, CAP / CAD and develops the video realization.

Without a robust technical support (See the character to the left), it would be difficult to him to optimize the digital quality of its images !

Without a reflection on the market, and of good advice on the analysis of your plans of communication and your targets, it would be difficult to him to choose the best adapted communication tool !

Every realized product is the resul of this synergy of our skills where each gets involved in the reflection of other one.

So beautiful is the IMAGE, it has SENSE only if it is SEEN and UNDERSTOOD by the TARGETED PEOPLE.

 Our objective : to offer you the quality of a relevant product answering YOUR communication strategy