Design & realization of web sites

We also propose the realization, the creation of the graphics standards and the design of web sites. Our own site " Corilaur " being a 1st example.

Obtain a site in the visual contents in coherence with the soul of your activity

Indeed, the possibility of intervening on the creation of your images allows to enrich visually your site which will give you a coherent and personalized image.

Here are 3 examples of sites which we realized having worked on other visual products for these structures. We can also leave visual contents which you already possess.



The source images

This web site integrates naturally the video which we realized (as well as others which we are not the authors), but also images photographed and/or extracted from our video shots to realize all the images of the site.

Vidéo realization


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Originally, we realized all the logos of the company of Ambulances and taxis Combedimanche.

In a 2nd time, we realized a photo report and finally, for the realization of this site, we also realized a panorama 360 ° of their car park.

360° Panoramas and Photos (extracts)

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 The request of this sports association, the need was to realize a site with the necessity of realizing new photos to animate the description of the diverse activities.
That is why we have to lead in parallel series of shots photos and the realization of the site.

Photos (extracts)

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